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hi guys...anybody here know how to convert a video cd (songs) to mp3??? if anyone happen to know please tell me what software will do that...
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This is easy but VERY time and disk space consuming.

You will need:

vcdgear 2
Winamp with the mp3 out plugin


1. Install all of the above
2: Use vcdgear to convert the vcds dat files to normal Mpeg1 video
3. Open the mpeg file in virtualdub
4. use the save wav option
5. use winamp's optional mp3 output plugin to convert the wav to mp3

Utilities are availible at:


Don't use this info to copy anything you don't own


Depending on you machine this could take from a couple of hours to A FULL DAY!

sorry I originally forgot to post the url.
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hehe...thanks a lot Betamax...I'll begin with trying those ways....and no worry, I have knowledges about those piracy things hoho....thanks again... :)
umm...Betamax, sorry to trouble you again...but what if I want to convert CD Audio into mp3 ? can you please share me your tech? thanks .... sorry again...
you need an encoder..
try cdex or audiograbber
Even easier than that. If you have downloaded winamps mp3 output plugin all you have to do is select it for output and then put the cd in the drive winamps should then "play" the cd to the Mp3 ouput plugin thus converting the file to mp3 :cool:

BTW if you don't have an mp3 codec installed I recommend using the Radium mp3 codec also availible at digital digest.
You can goto and seach for a mp3 converter, but probley the winamp thing is easier.
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