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Convert PMF to AVI Tutorial

Here's my little contribution to the forum.

I know so many ppl have said this is not possible, either they're liars or didn't really look into it. There's no need for RemoteJoyLite if it's a PMF integrated video that you want from game. By doing this -of course- you will have the highest quality possible, since none of these process decomposes or compresses the original video... Currently I'm looking for a solution to extract the audio as well. Meanwhile, enjoy converting sony's pmf videos to Windows AVI format :)

Things you need before you begin.

1. 'mplayer.exe' & 'mencoder.exe'

____ mplayer.rar (7.97 MB)

-------------place 'mplayer.exe' and 'mencoder.exe' in the root of your hardrive : 'C:\'

2. VirtualDub -1.6.17

____ (1001.6 KB)

3. A PMF video file. Here's a short clip from Final Fantasy Dissidia just so you try it out :p

____ file.pmf (4.73 MB)

------- place it in the root of your hardrive aswell and make sure it's named file.pmf

You should now have the following files under C:/


Lets begin with the process ;)

1. Go to 'Run' and type in "cmd".

Type cd C:\ and press enter. Type or paste the following line and press enter.

----- mplayer file.pmf -dumpvideo

After that, Paste or type the following line and press enter:

____ mencoder.exe stream.dump -ovc raw -noskip -ofps 29.97 -o file2.avi

It may take a minute or 2 depending on the file size:

When it's done you can exit, and there should be a new file in C:/ named file2.avi

Open VirtualDub.exe

----1. Drag file2.avi into VirtualDub

Ah yes you see it don't you! Almost done :D

----2. File/ Save as AVI

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