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Hello everybody,
I am a beginner, I need help form yours.:)

I use PSMPLAY to extract fmv final fantasy and found that it is 44100hz on these clips. is there posible that can convert a *.wav with 44100hz/48000hz to a *.xa with 44100hz/48000hz (i use
sony's movconv ps software to convert but there are only 37800hz available or may be only the ps registed game developer able to posses this kind of software of sony's ps ftp?) I convert *.wav to *.xa because it compress the size of it (about 50% smaller), then further compress with winzip (about 25-30% smaller). May be your will say just make them to *.mp3, but i'm take serious about the quality of the sound, i want convert it to a lossless quality convertion. Or may be the movie of the Final fantasy is not STR file, or the movie's sound is not XA file? or make be the square have their own special CODEC. I have been use the PsxMC before but it can extract it to STR but only avi. (Because I think if it in a original format, the quality will be original form). Help me thanks.

Michael Ku.
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