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Is there a way to add it to the ps2 emu memory card or converting it.

I could buy a NapLink cable and transfer it to my ps2 mem card but i wouldnt be able to get it to my pc in .ps2 mem card form, i dont hav money for a napL cable anyway at the moment. (dont think this would work anyway)

Is there??????

Thx to wat ever ur answer may be (xcept for that read the rules excuse)

In another note, since u cant ask compat. questions, like for the famous FFX help me Q's (which ive also tried askin for), cant u just release an ingame SAVED STATE, atleast most ppl would stop askin, like me.

(By the way my FFX gets stuck at "Listen to my story", its still running and moving but doesnt go any further, i even left it going wen i went to sleep for like 10hrs.....
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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