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Hey, I'm not here 2 tell u how 2 solveur problem... jejeje :D
acctually i was wonderin if u could help me, cause i downloaded the pcsx but the truth is i dont know... wtf to do with it xD
i started downloading FF7 and i dont know how to play it.
Hope u can help me!
Rule breakers don't get help.

I've now legitimately bought my game ( Toy Story 2 :) ), and every time I load, it takes a long time to even come up with a screen from the game, but no worries, what I want to know is:
Any settings other than;
P.E.Op.S. PSX SoftGL GPU Plugin
P.E.Op.S. PSX SPU Sound Plugin
HIDInput PSX Controller Plugin
CD ROM Device Interface
Dynarec CPU core ticked

Anything I need to change?
And where can I find/change the button setting, I've got my PS1 to USB converter coming soon, but for now, I need the controls for keyboard, googled it, can't find them :(

Sorry for all the questions :)

does not exist!

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Plugins are the input/output engines for a emulator
BIOS is the basic bootcode which starts the mainhardware.
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