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hello. I have 2 gamepads, they both looks like xbox360 controllers, i think one is original and one is fake. I have windows 7 on my computer and playing "it take's two" game. my problem is triggers not cout as pushed, when i push them both (LT+RT)


left pushed


right pushed


now pushing both of them. but it count like nothing pushed.


this is another controller. here im pushing both triggers and it counts like they both pushed.

I see controller 1 trigger count as axis, and on controller 2 triggers count as buttons. Is there any way to make triggers count as just buttons on controller 1, or any other way to make both triggers count as pushed? controller 1 seems to be original i had not any oroblems with it in another games, but in this game i have problem, that i need to push LT+RT and game dont see it. main thing that i have that problem with x360ce enabled and disabled
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