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i have a controller from izdtech ( ZD-N wireless ) that i have been using for almost 1 year and every thing was fine until i bought a second controller - a mi gamepad. The izdtech one worked perfectly with no configuration, however the mi one had to be set through emulation for some reason. I download a few emulators and somehow/ someway i messed up and now my games won't see zdtech controller the way they were. For example, in fifa 18 lb and lt switched places with rb and rt in wwe 2k18 everything is messed up and now instead of xyab rt rb lt rt etc icons, i get numbers 1 2 3 4 etc. Before using those emulators in settings it dispaled my xbox controller for the izdtech and everything was fine, now i can't don anything they way i used to :/ i tried to use the emulators again and nothing helps, the controllers are still mapped the same odd way:(
About the mi gamepad i still can't configure this one :/
Please help!!! :(((
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