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Control Monger Beta (FREE FPS)

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you have not already signed up for the Control Monger Beta, this is your chance.

Beta Contests:
1. give away
2. give away
3. give away

Offical Sign-up

THE BEST THING ABOUT THIS GAME IS... after the beta test it will still be 100% FREE!!
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Somehow I think that this would fall under the no spamming rule

it seem too generic for me to even bother
i vote for spam, watch it or you may be banned.
It dosent seem like spam as I cant see the harm in signing up for game beta tests. However it would be nice if you did include a little more information about the game itself in your post draconus.
hmm.... more information (p.s. i did not post to spam, i saw other posts in here about free games and thought i would mention this...spamers dont come back and post replys :p)

OK, as far as the features go (this is from the site)

Game Features:

* Online Play with up to 255 players
* 7 player types
......Repair Bot
......Heavy Bot
......Construction Bot
......Sniper Bot
......Demolition Bot
......Soldier Bot
......Spy Bot
* Multiple modes of play on each map
......Capture the flag
......Last man standing
......King of the hill
......Death match
* Supports custom made maps
......Free mapping tool
......Free modeling tools
......Free light mapping tools
......Free terrain editing tools
* Advanced particle effects
* Standard edition FREE to play!!
* client side and dedicated servers
* Supports LAN play

p.s. thanks for the warm welcome :innocent:
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ok, i guess it is similar to the cheap games thread (probebly should have put it in there, but im not an admin so ill butt out on that topic). Sry i jumped the gun. anyway, sounds nice
its cool man :)

i hope to see you guys there
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