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continuation of my veryimportant question

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Okay i appreciate everyone's advice (except for the guy who want's to trade with the VooDoo3 no thanx man. And the people complaining about THIER video cards.) :rolleyes:)

But only a few were able to answer.
All i ask is what is a suitable upgrade. It works fine right now. There i said it. Nothing is wrong with this card i already got. All i need is one that's better than this and will still work with epsxe. Okay??????

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Geforce2 GTS pro does meet ur need i think...
I remember you wrote in your first post that your graphics card sucks big time........ hmmm...... that doesn't sound like you are fine with it...... anyways...... get a geforce 3 or ati radeon...... both work with epsxe......
I have owned a GEForce 2 GTS since it first came out and I have been extremely pleased w/it. So pleased, in fact, that I am not even considering another video card until I can afford a GEForce 3 and who knows when that will be.
Yeah, go with GeForce :D I love my GeForce3 (Visiontek)... I knew it was time to upgrade when my V5 5500 choked on Tribes 2. Makes ePSXe better too.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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