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Contest: Make A Commercial!

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We have a lot of talented members here. I'm impressed by your deviantart galleries damn near daily.

We want you to get creative and make a commercial for!

Your commercial should not be any longer than 60 seconds. We aren't looking for an informercial here. ;)
Also, don't worry about it being fancy, just make it entertaining! If you don't have access to editing or graphics software, that's fine! Just plop yourself in front of your computer and let your winning personality do all the work for you.

The contest starts officially on Wed, Dec 10th and you will have just less a month to make and upload your video.
We will take entries up until 6PM (CST) Friday, Jan. 2nd.
After that we will have a poll open till Monday Jan. 5th where members can vote for their favorite! Our winner will be announced on January 6th.

  • Prizes:
  • 1st place: $50 gift certificate or local alternative and a T-shirt
  • 2nd place: Wins a T-shirt
  • CrowdGather's Choice Winner: Wins a T-shirt

I'll be making a subforum for this contest shortly. :thumb:
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Sorry for being a spelling Nazi (and feel free to delete once fixed), but a Ngeum Tshirt?
ack. thanks for the catch. :)
Tsirk maybe you confused with your nick Tsirk.:)
Didn't I post in this thread already... I thought I did. Anyhow I can't wait to see what people come up with. Maybe an emulator machinima commercial. That would be cool.
err call me a ****head but

i think this commercial idea is bad......we already have a lot of 10 year old on the forums asking for bios,flaming each other.......making many usernames...sure posting a commercial would get more members but the age group/area where it is targeted should be kept in mind........

like say posting a commercial on youtube would be fail
and posting a commercial in say tomshardware would work as slightly mature members visit such sites

just a suggestion........
Boy a Video contest :evil: now i feel better
yeah the balls in ur court now :p
the age group/area where it is targeted should be kept in mind.
Good point. Thanks. :)
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