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So okay, I started VBA today and as soon as i pressed a key, it sped up to about 600% of the normal speed. So I just closed it, opened it again, and pressed another key, and it did it again, i did that about 10 times before it stopped.
But there is another problem that came at the same time and that lingers.
None of the controls actually works and when i try to configure my controls it all gets replaced by ''F12'' as if i was spamming F12, even though i dont even touch it.
So i can't change my controls at all and it all gets replaced by F12, and sometimes randomly speeds up insanely.
I tried many times to restart the emulator, my friend and I also tried to look in the options to see if something was wrong but there wasnt.
Theres no problem with the throttle whatsoever and none with the Vsync either.
I even tried deleting the emulator and reinstalling it, it didn't work.

I just dont know what to do now.
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