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Constant Buzzing Sound in background **FIXED**


Apperently this is related to using save state using the load memory card solves this issue. Big thanks to Squall-Le for fix:thumb:


Problem: Weird Constant Buzzing Sound in the background when I am playing games on ePSXe

Sound Plugin: Eternal SPU 1.41

Settings for SPU
  1. Audio Device : Direct Sound (Buffer size 80)
  2. Audio out method : Thread
  3. Misc: (unchecked - real time config win)
  4. Misc: (checked - wait for XA buffer size)
  5. Misc : (checked - cache VAG decode)
  6. Misc: ( Reverb - Neill's)
  7. Special Game Fix - (checked) Update before accessing register
  8. Special Game Fix - (checked) SPU IRQ
  9. Special Game Fix - (checked) SPU IRQ FORCE Inter flag7
ePSXe Version : 1.7.0
GPU Plugin: Petes GL 1.77

My System Specs:

Quadcore 9550 2.6 GHz

8 GB of DDR 800 Duel Channel

2x 8800 GT SLI

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when that happened to me, I simply saved then loaded state. it fixed it for me, although sometimes I had to load more than one time to get it to go away.

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Audio data is retained in the state, this is probably a bug in the state data... might be fixable emulator side.
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