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connecting n-gage to pc via bluetooth usb adapter

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I have recently bought nokia n-gage QD.i want to get a few files from my the problem is that i can only send files by right clicking them and clicking on 'send to blue tooth'.these files are saved in the messages inbox and it can only accept files less than 3.5 mb, because it uses the device memory which is only 4mb.however i have inserted a 32 mb memory card but i can not directly access the memory card rather first i have to get files in n-gage device memory then save it to memory card and can not transfer bigger pc suite is also not working.when i start the software it says 'this is the first time u have used pc suite,please attach ur n-gage to pc and press ok to continue'.I have no idea what does it i have to buy additional hardware to connect to pc?.is there any other program which could help me manage my memory card on that i can directly transfer files to memory card instead of first sending it to device memory.
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