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Connect Power A Brand Xbox One Controllers to Android Phone ?

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I have two wireless Power A brand Xbox One Controllers, model numbers 1519339-01 and a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and a Samsung Galaxy S9+...(S9+ not pictured)
Game controller Joystick Input device Gadget Video game accessory

Camera accessory Bumper Cameras & optics Finger Gadget

I have AetherSX2 up and running smoothly on my Note10+ and the S9+. Ran War of the Monsters and GTA San Andreas on both.

I'm wanting to connect one of the Power A Xbox One controllers (or both) to my Note10+ or S9+ via Bluetooth, if possible...

If possible, I would ultimately like to connect both controllers to my Note10+ and/or S9+ to play multiplayer on the emulator with my sons.

Can someone enlighten me on if that is even possible ?
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