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Conker's BFD in Pj64 1.3

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Anyone got this working? The intro (logo cutscene) shows, but as soon as that fades out, I get a messagebox from Jabo's Direct3D plugin telling me that an error has occured, and that I should read the documentation...! :)

Here's my Pj64 config:

Jabo's Direct3D6 1.30
Jabo's DirectSound 1.30
N-Rage's Direct-Input8 1.60

CPU core: recompiler
Self-modifying code handling: chk mem & cache
RDRAM size: 8MB
Speed limiter: 50VI/s PAL (my conker rom is from the PAL version, does this matter?)

Jabo's Graphics settings:

Display settings:
Direct3D HAL
Windowed: 640x480
Fullscreen: 1024x768x32
triple-buffered: no
wireframe: no

emulation settings:
Microcode 1 (changes to 3 when rom runs)
Internal tranforms
fog checked
32bit not checked
change blending not checked

all defaults

My PC specs are in my sig.
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Here's what the error message says:

Jabo's GFX Plugin - Error
A fatal exception occured while processing graphics
Please close and restart the emulator, if this error
persists read the documentation for help
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I got another version of this ROM. It's the US version, and the same thing happens.
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