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Yaa. Raziel got over 2000 post. That is way more than anyone else on the board. I said to him that I would make an award for him. Even thoe it's a little late, here it is.

If your wondering why shiva is on it, Raziel is in love with her:love:
It's a little large and crappy looking, but I'm inexperenced.

PS Raziel, I moved your name to make sure you can see her ass.

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Originally posted by prafull
2000 posts.Well It would take newcomers like me (and here I am not talking about talented guyz like gk1986) quiet some time to reach there.
I'm so honored :emb:

Gk1986's tips for posting 60 posts in 60 minutes:

Gather around, grasshoppers. The following is what I do on a typical night.

7:59-Grab a coke from the fridge, get a bowl of chex-mix, sit down in front of PC, get to

8:00-reaches forum. Immediately hold down shift key while clicking open every forum.

8:00-Start with off topic. Shift-click open lowest thread that hasn't been visited. When new page opens, hold 'End' down to ensure speediest reading of new post. Press quote as soon as it appear so that you finish reading just as the next page loads.
8:01-type reply. Post
8:03-As soon as confirmation appears, close browser page.
8:03-Back to Off Topic Browser Page. Repeatedly move up, repeating above steps.

Hope that helps....getting a post in within 4 minutes of logging in :D
1 - 20 of 131 Posts
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