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Okay, this problem may not concern lots of people, but it does bother me a lot. Okay, I always enable "Auto Negotiate" to speed up configuration, but when I go to assigning a button for "SQUARE" I always get stuck since I use the "A" for that one. Problem is, "A" is already assigned to the "Auto Negotiate" commad button.

Clicking on the SQUARE button manually doesn't fix things because clicking it doesn't actually highlight the square button. It's always another button (usually CIRCLE) that gets assigned a new key.

I've managed to fix this while configuring ePSXe but I ran into this problem again while trying to run PCSX yesterday, and I can't remember just how I did it for ePSXe...

It's a dumb problem, I know, but I really want SQUARE to be "A".
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