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Configuring epsxe for two players - controler problem

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I'm running epsxe under Ubuntu and am having problems configuring it of two players. I tried both omnijoy and padjoy but still no go.

I want to be able to play games in two player modes, one player on the keyboard and one on the gamepad (normal usb gamepad).
Multitap is off.

I configured keyboard on pad one, and gamepad in the padjoy on pad 2. But it still doesn't work in games (Tekken3, THPS4, GT2,...), whatever combination of controllers I try I can never get the result I want, at best both of controlers (keyboard and gamebad) control only player one.....

Should I configure both throu joypad? and what should the device for keyboard be then?

Thanks in advance...
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go to config in epsxe, then game pad. For player 1 use port 1 pad 1 and for player 2 use port 2 pad 1
Is there a way to use the keyboard as two controllers with epsxe? I've tried configuring it to work as two separate controllers, but I figured I'd ask for some advice to make sure it can/can't be done.
Easy have 2 seperate Controls mind you this is for Laptops without a Numpad even though I have a Numpad and you might have a Desktop Keyboard or a Laptop with a Numpad. I also think you have to have completely different controls. Also May have to use the "MultiTap" feature.

"Controllers" for Primary Pad[If using 2 controls]
Shaped Buttons
Square: Z | Circle: C | "X" button: X | Triangle: V
Directional Pad
Up: K | Down: ,< | Left: M | Right: .>
Left/Right Buttons
L1: D | L2: F | R1: L | R2: /?
Other Buttons
Start: Space | Select: B

"Controllers" for a Secondary Pad
Shaped Buttons
Square: Q | "X" button: W | Circle: E | Triangle: R
Directional Pad
Up: 8 | Down: I | Left: U | Right: O
Left/Right Buttons
L1: 3 | L2: 4 | R1: 9 | R2: P
Other Buttons
Start: 6 | Select: Y

Alternative Ways For Primary Pad
Shaped Buttons
Square: A | "X" button: S | Circle: Z | Triangle: X
Left/Right Buttons
L1: D | L2: C

Alternative Ways For Secondary Pad
Shaped Buttons
Square: 1 | "X" button: 2 | Circle: Q | Triangle: W
Left/Right Buttons
L1: 3 | L2: E
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i thought Windows PCs only have a technical limit of 3 simultaneous key presses at a time, no? something like that.
It's a hardware limitation, not a software limitation. Ergo: it depends on the keyboard.
Masta I thought that was a ps/2 limitation and that usb keyboards didnt have it
The keys press down on a matrix of rows and columns. Certain keys share individual rows and columns. Pressing these keys simultaneously will cancel out one or both of them.

PS/2 keyboards do have a physical limitation of up to 3 keys because of the connector.

USB keyboards can have the same matrix issues. Most of them use a combination of sub-matrices and large key press buffers. "Gaming" keyboards will have individualized keys and large buffers.

In short, just having a USB keyboard does not guarantee that you won't experience simultaneous key press issues.
Ok I got that now. Thanks for the lesson Masta. I remembered that PS/2 had that limitation couldnt remember what usb could do with it tho.
go to config in epsxe, then game pad. For player 1 use port 1 pad 1 and for player 2 use port 2 pad 1
this works like a charm. thank you!
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