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configuration problems

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I am playing Final Fantasy 9 and:
1. Gameplay is OK, not great however.
2. Changing screens is VERY SLOW.
3. Battles are EXTREMELY SLOW.
4. Automated sequences (not FMVs) are slow as molasses.
5. There is some kind of graphic defect - black defects surrounding objects.

System Specs:

ePSXe v.1.4.0
Pentium II 400mHz
128 mb VRAM
Win 98
ATI RagePro

Graphics settings:

Pete's D3D DX6 1.44 GPU Plugin -

Settings on "Fast" except for Standard off-screen drawing (needed to see battle menus) and window mode 800 x 600

The game is virtually unplayable like this, someone give me some input please...
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well you could try 640x480, or even lower.. also, try to use one of pete's sound plugins, they seem to be "lighter"... the black thingy's are probably caused by filtering so if you have that turned on, turn if off.. (not at all sure bout this one). and one more thing, 128mb VRAM? anyway, that's prolly a typo.. hope this helps a bit:)
none of that helped, in fact, using Pete's SPU plugin screwed up the sound.
Ioris sound pluggin is currently the best for FF9 in my opinion.. Just remember to enable spu irq in one place only.. Either in the spu config or epsxe sound config.. Not both.. Now as to your slowdowns.. Nothing much you can do for speed with your computer specs.. Just try the software pluggins that are available as I have heard they give better speed for low end computers.. I don't use em much though.. Your ati rage pro has no more than 8 mbytes of video ram.. Your 128 is your regular system Ram.. YOu can also try playing the game with no sound as this will speed things up too.. Try running the game off an iso as well.. iso= game image copied onto your Harddrive.. Then run the iso with the "run iso" option in epsxe..

I use to have an amd k6-2 533 mhz with a voodoo 3 3000 pci.. FF9 ran pretty fast in the battles but like crap in the towns..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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