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Okay, I'm new to these kinds of emulators. I'm used to the ease of zsnes. Anyway, I'd appreciate it if anyone can help me best configure to run. If I ever ask for this kind of help again, it would only be with FF9. I've already got the rest of the 'series'.
It runs without any video or audio problems, but I can't get it to run at a steady frame rate. The first warning runs at 10fps, the second at 5fps no matter what the settings. The opening credits run anywhere from 30fps to 120fps depending on the config, but it always wavers within a 40fps limit. I don't care if it runs a little slow (40fps is fine by me) and I don't care if the colors, sound, and effects are perfect (though I prefer good sound overall), but I can't stand hearing the music speed up then slow down then speed up then slow down over and over. Thanks for any help.
My system:
3dfx Voodoo 3 3000
ESS 16-bit sound (definitely next part to be upgraded if I don't get a new comp first)
32x Smart & Friendly CD drive

You did not say what Graphics plugin you are using. You should best be using Lewpy's plugin as that one is a Glide plugin and best suited for Voodoo cards. If you aren't using that one, that could be part of your problem. Also try setting FPS to 60 for NTSC or 50 for PAL, that might help. Lastly, your problem may be that your CPU has a hard time handleing all that it is being asked to do. A 233 pentium is awfully slow to be running ePSXe on. Best of luck.

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damn....... the best thing would be to upgrade that comp..... but..... If you are goin to use that to play epsxe then..... here are my suggestions....

use lewpy's glide pluggin since you got a voodoo 3.....
enable experimental flipping
enable ff7 texture window fix
run in 640x480 res
use the internal sound pluggin....better yet(for maximum speed) turn off sound.... but less fun....

use petes cd rom pluggin
Plus finally, run the game with epsxe 1.01.....not 1.2
FF7 crashes alot with 1.2.....but works fine with 1.01.....

If you really want to see what epsxe can do with the right hardware, check the screenshots of FF7 in the screenshots section of the boards......

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I know its slow, and I've tried upgrading to a higher speed PII but I can't get a hold of one. I got it when it was the best system out, and it still holds its own. It ran Baldur's Gate 2 with no trouble at all, and only the slightest bit of sluggishness.
Anyway, I suppose if I still can't get it to work the way I want it to, I'll have to use the P4, but it's rarely available.
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