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Concerning Geforce and FSAA...

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I use the latest OGL-Plugin (1.51) from Pete and I cannot get FSAA to work!
I know where to activate it. (FSAA works perfectly in OGL games
like Serious Sam and Q3) and FSAA works also perfectly with his D3D-Plugin!
But it just doesn´t work with his OGL-Plugin (I also tried earlier versions).
I want to use OGL instead of D3D because it runs alot faster on my Geforce2MX (Det.12.41).

Thanks in advance for your help,

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I would then say that you're either using bad drivers, davidtoh, or you haven't tweaked them properly. rivatuner with the latest 12.xx (can't recall the appropriate number and yes I know 14.xx are available no I don't recommend them) would be what I'd recommend you experimenting with.
The 12.90 are the best for most users.
Good speed,incredibly stable and a good image quality.
Yup, 12.90 detos are great!

davidtoh, I had a V3-3000 before (with me ol´ Cel500 ;)
worked fine, but not comparable to a Geforce2MX (O.K. it is in no way a Geforce 2 GTS or even a Geforce 3).
Maybe you have 4xFSAA enabled with your MX (bad idea with a MX, if you put the resolution higher than 800x600)?
But then the quality would should be better when its enabled...
My hint, go to the D3D tab (in your GFX-card/nvidia-options)
and change MipMap-quality to highest and enable 32bit in the game-options.

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21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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