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Concerning Geforce and FSAA...

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I use the latest OGL-Plugin (1.51) from Pete and I cannot get FSAA to work!
I know where to activate it. (FSAA works perfectly in OGL games
like Serious Sam and Q3) and FSAA works also perfectly with his D3D-Plugin!
But it just doesn´t work with his OGL-Plugin (I also tried earlier versions).
I want to use OGL instead of D3D because it runs alot faster on my Geforce2MX (Det.12.41).

Thanks in advance for your help,

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First of all,just change your drivers,they're official but they suck.
Just use the 12.90,they're the best(don't use the 14.10/14.20,they're made for GF3).

But FSAA should work in OGL without any problem,just enable 4xFSAA in nVidia's ctrl panel and it will work.
Are you sure it doesn't work?
Can you post 2 screenshots,one when FSAA is enabled and one when it isn't?
I tried the 14.10 and all benchmarks went down s I went back to the GOD sent 12.90:D .
The 12.90 are the best for most users.
Good speed,incredibly stable and a good image quality.
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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