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Completed my SLI investigation :)

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Thought you guys might like take a look at it.
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nice article'ish review thing :). Looks like it took a while :p
Nice, but where are the pics of that awesome rig? :)
Reichfuher said:
Nice, but where are the pics of that awesome rig? :)
What he said.

Plus: how much coffee did you consume to get through those tests? :D Kept a few Columbian farmers in business I take it.
That was impressive. Very exhaustive, good work :)
very nice detailed work chris,please post some pics of the system:).
My Digital Camera is crap. It would be blurry and almost unviewable. I did manage to get SLI working in PSX emulation. I forgot how ugly PSX games look these days. Even with Hardware acceleration.

But was a trip playing @ 4xAA/16xAF @ 1600x1200. My GT could do that as well I just didnt have the monitor. Was fun doing it with 2 GPUs though ;)
Ok, I got the picture you guys all asked for. Remember my Digital Camera sucks. ;p I need to get a new one oh so very badly. It cant focus at all without the flash and even with a flash it cant.

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that must be the sexiest thing i have ever seen
nice :drool:
can i request some benchmarks of that system using FarCry with SM 3.0 enabled (HDR) pls?
Great article ChrisRay, this actually clarifies a lot of things about SLI. Good job :thumb:

Nothing much left to say.. :p
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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