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Complete set of Rival Schools Wallpaper - Arcade, Evolution, Evolution 2...anti 56k=P

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NICE!!! Did you make these yourself?
Yep...took the screengrabs with my trusty Voodoo2. Had to use bilinear filtering to smooth out the edges though. take the screens...convert them to gif(or jpeg for size constraints) and post them up here.

Glad you like them
Ok... I saved all the wallpapers you made. :) Did you use photo shop? ?! How do you make wallpapers? All I can do in Photoshop is to blur the image. ?
Are you using photoshop? What program are you using to make these wallpapers? I really need to know!!! :)
Sorry...didn't see your post...

I use's a program that came with my old cd burner. I take the pics with lewpy's plugin with bilinear filtering enabled
Arcade Disc Ending Pic #1
41 - 60 of 73 Posts
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