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Probably most coders know about this, but for those who dont:
Multithreading build with Visual Studio 8
I discover yesterday a great feature in Visual Studio 8 /MPx.

It's a build command line parameter allowing to build a project using multiple CPUs... Finally!

I had some great results with my Q6600 + 2GB of memory + WinXP32:

Quake 4 SDK 1.3 (default): 35s
Quake 4 SDK 1.3 (/MP2): 25s
Quake 4 SDK 1.3 (/MP4): 20s
Quake 4 SDK 1.3 (/MP8): 21s

Irrlicht 1.4 (default): 43s
Irrlicht 1.4 (/MP4): 14s
Irrlicht 1.4 (/MP8): 14s

Xerces lib 2.8 (default): 71s
Xerces lib 2.8 (/MP4): 26s
Xerces lib 2.8 (/MP8): 27s

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