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Originally posted by Gros Bil
I think it would be great.

Picture this:

A file containing the list of all the playstation games and different colums (ePSXE, VGS, AdriPSX, FPSE, etc...) with the config to use to make the games playable.

It would be very helpful to make such a list...

Funny you should ask that! Because right at this moment me and the team from are expanding the site to cover FPSE and AdriPSX (maby PSinex)! If you haven't been to it is a public compat list for epsxe with over 700 game submissions in v 1.2.0 and over 800 game submissins in v1.0.1 :) So hopfully the fpse and adripsx list should do as well as that :) Keep and eye on!

P.S Hi CDBuRnOuT ol buddy ol pal :p hehehehe
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