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I have a plea for all u (or at least some) FSAA card owners. plz post some screenshots WTIH FSAA and the SAME WITHOUT FSAA. So that one can immediately compare those. Right now i'm thinking about switching to a G-Force MX (or a Voodoo5 5500) , currently i have only a tnt2.
Also screenshots of RPGs were good , because i play those mostly
(ff9, chrono chross, vagrant story, ....)

So that I can see if it's worth the investment...;)

:rolleyes: :dead: :emb:

Corea, I will post some later today or tomorrow. But, it really is better as SanDRock put it. I have a GEForce 2 GTS card and I have FSAA turned on in both D3D and OGL. The effects are superior to anything else especially in 3D games like FF 9, Gauntlet Legends, and Ms. Pac Man Maze Madness. If you do buy the GEForce MX card, I'm quite sure you'll be pleased w/the results obtained by using FSAA.

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Cool, sure makes the graphics a lot soothing to the eyes with FSAA enabled.
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