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compaq presario 1810 Recovery CD

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So I pick up a compaq presario 1810 notebook for $50, but I think there's something wrong with the DVD rom drive, it can't find a damn thing on the cd's and it keeps wanting me to look on it for them. So I'm thinking its the drivers and such, as I did a full format, but I would like to get the recovery cd for it just so it's like new. Problem is I can't find it, can someone help me out? I checked eBay, but I dont think it had the right one. Is there some place I can dl it? Is it illegal to do that, I mean you need the HW for the cd to be of any use, so why wouldn't you be able to? Thanks for the help
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I bought a used Compaq Laptop. I was able to get all the drivers I needed from
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