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comment enregister une video de pcsx2

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voila se message et pour les francais avec kel log je peux enregistrer une video pendant que je joue puis accelelerer l image merci de vos reponses
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from my gr10 french i can make out that your obviously asking something that is not supposed to be asked in this forum, and not in the official language. im suggesting you
1) make all further posts english
2) delete this thread
Isn't he just asking how to download the video clips of pcsx2 in action on the main page?
He must not know how to use bittorrent.
no i won`t to create the video clip for pcsx2
When running GSdx press 'Insert' or 'numpad 0', may take several presses depending on cpu load, you can setup what codec it uses, and where it saves from a small dialog.
thanks you CKemu powerrrrrrrrrrrrr
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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