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Comic Strip (w.i.p)

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Some of you will of perhaps seen some w.i.p in this thread .

Well below are some 'draft' ideas for a comic I am mucking around with.

NGemu Comic
I take no responsibility for mental damges, loss of earnings, or damage to the reputations of the people(s) represented in this comic.

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Kirby comic = ownage :D
:thumb: Love the Kirby one.. amazing stuff.
nice ! i like it.
ehehe that was great waiting for the next volume xD, the kirby one was great xD
but I disagree hentai is good lol
I can imagine "Kirby:Tentacle ownage the movie"
Player-X said:
I can imagine "Kirby:Tentacle ownage the movie"
they's called 'Dragon Pink' for a reason :p
Kirby said:
they's called 'Dragon Pink' for a reason :p
lmao xD
nice, CK :)

I want to make one point though; I know you've drawn it yourself, but the style looks a lot like "Little Gamers".
Cool stuff, I am loving Kirby's. Keep up the good work. :thumb:
tentacle rape!!!!! :lol:
excelent comic ckemu. :thumb:
Hahaha! Kirby one ownz. :lol:
haha I love the kirby one, and the bios one is awesome too.
hahahaha..Never has anyone truly captured the essence of DW before! The two coffee mugs were classic DW! know us too well..almost scary ;)
DW he forgot your marine and wife portion of your.
Yeah those coffee mugs are a great detail :D
Btw, are those the Treamcast's logo's in your eyes DW? :p

Funny stuff CK :thumb:
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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