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As originally reported by GameSpot, Final Fantasy XI will be released across multiple platforms. Although the PS2 and PC versions are the only ones officially announced at this time, the game will appear on the Microsoft Xbox and judging from Sakaguchi's latest comments could be released on the Nintendo GameCube. GameSpot will continue to follow the game's development and will have further information as it is released.

I'm happy to be born...

mmm... i think that's a lot off topic...Sorry for that
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yep..but i have been away for long time from this kind of understand me
I understand u dude! I had the same problem :D

But I bouhgt the PS2 anyway just becouse of FFX :cool:
i heard that ffxi is gonna be a online only RPG, is that true?
F * * * it ... - FFXI for PC is Old. FFX for PC now that would be surprising

Bad words make baby Jesus cry.. :p
FFXI should definitely stay offline (mainly so I won't have to get a DSL modem). Plus, I'm paying Square 15-20 dollars a month. Just think: If FFVII, VIII, and IX cost $40 and FFX costs $50, you play FFXI for more than two month and you get ripped off! That makes me sick. :spy:
FFXI WILL be online! It was already announced by Squaresoft a long time ago! :( But i don't think you'll need an DSL modem dude. U must think that it's a basic game, there are only the Attack, Magic, etc... commands for the modem to send.
do u know if it will be free (i hope) or we will pay for it...and how much?
FFX will also be released for PC that also is offical !!!
where did you read that FF X should be released for PC?

I thought Sony had some arrangement with square that square releases ff x only on ps2 and don't make a conversion in the next few years
wow, if this is true then i wonder what i'll use my PS2 for.... ehehehe!:D :D :D
FFX for PC...

where did u read that....I CANNOT BELEVE
i cant believe... another reason to get a Tbird :D :D :D
yeah i can't believe it
FFX is exclusive to PS2.
Originally posted by Zell
FFX will also be released for PC that also is offical !!!
Man... i'm beggining to think that u're full of **** Zell :D

No offence man but that's the second BIG lie u told.
Originally posted by bardack
do u know if it will be free (i hope) or we will pay for it...and how much?
Do u mean pay for the game??

I think it obvius that u'll have to pay.
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