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come on bobbi!!!!!

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hey Bobbi! with the incoming boom of the GBA emus, why don't you and the emuworkers (Aldo, Pete, Null, Iori, Lewpy and so on...) get ready to make another hit like epsxe? you gotta be ready, so it would become a great product as I think you will do if you do it. I wish that you will, and this post will be grateful for your morale.

Tell me members, ain't I right with this?:D

Hurrah for the emuworkers!!!!!!!!!!
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hey, take it easy....

hey man, I just was giving an opinion, no more, and I think that everyone has to improve things no matter if they are good at that moment. think, it is like null's SPU, it is quite good, if everyone had stayed with it and nobody had done something, I don't think that at this moment Iori's SPU would be available, and this one does not provide better sound, it is the same, but it let epsxe run faster huh?
oh, and...

I forgot, some of the site admins are "emuworkers", and it does not matter if your skills are as good as pete's, you can start with something, if it is good, a lot of people will help (as Pete)

You got to give yourselves more credit

sorry guys, I did not realize that color were so hurting. and this is a color that contrasts with the background.

(And it looks so great!)
Originally posted by Shiori Fujisaki
can you change the color? it hurts the eyes. :(

...and no, plugins are not as easy as you think they are.

hey, I know. but gotta do an effort, doesn't matter how long it takes...... I would help, but I also have to work a lot.....

P.D: I lowered the color's tone, so it is darker, OK?
this means a pro, not a lammer....

Originally posted by kairi00

Sorry dude, it is darker, but it's still quite hard to read and irritating to the eyes.

As for trying.... well... knowing how to write a php script, or maintaining a web page, or writing javascript, is totally different from coding an emulator, or a plugin... sure they're both "coding", but they're radically different in reality.... after all, would you want a dentist removing a tumor in your brain? I don't think so.
you are right, but as for general meanings, the dentist will not operate, he knows that he is better with teeth, and so for the surgeon, perhaps he will not beat the dentist in his field of action huh?

I mean, to be a good site coder does not mean to be a good plugin writer, and to be a good plugin coder does not mean (necessarily) to be a good site coder. people understands that (at least I hope so) and will take the challenge only if the can.

Let's try something! why don´t we ask Bobbi for his opinion, indeed this thread is for him, OK?

P.D: I wrote this post in white, so it's easier to read OK?
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