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I wanna know!!!

1. Just how much it takes to emulate ps2 discs on the PC?
I have a celeron 2.6 ghz
A Ati Radeon 350 128 mb
512 mb ram

will this do?

2. Where do I get a free, non pirate, non warez, non illiegal emulator?

3. What do I need to run Final Fantasy X \ x-2 ?
Are there any special plugins\emulators\things?


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1. altho it will work, your machine will not be at full speed, or even close. and we dont know the minimum requirements so no point even asking ;)


3. You will need to rip your BIOS from your PS2, and with FFX, most likely a savegame, you can find out where to get the saves and how to put them on a memorycard in the PCSX2 Official Forum, just read through the useful thread sticky.

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1)Nothing is enough at this time.I get 2/60 FPS with my amd64 4000+ /geforce 6600GT.Only thing you can do is wait for the emulator to get better or for better PCs to come out
2)All ps2 emulators are free and not illegal,including PCSX2 which as far as i know is the only active one at this time.Get it at
3)You can get up to the intro with PCSX2,but after that it will crash and you will get superslow speeds.If you want to play it,put it in your ps2
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