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College Info Scam?

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So I'm at the age where colleges begin bombarding me with cheezy "we think you'll be a good fit" papers with URLS and return mail addresses and all that fancy stuff. Many of them even promise "free posters/guides" if I send in my info. Seeing the online version of this to be easier, I went to two of the sites to request more info about the school, and found their webpages to be strikingly similar.

I did a simple "ping" request of each of the servers that they wanted me to go to, and all of their IP's begin with "128.121.5.*". Have I been scammed?
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Most of those sites are scams just to get your personal information, so that any college that wants to pay a small fee can have access to your info and bombard you with propaganda.

Do yourself a favor and get a copy of the US News and World Report's Guide to Colleges. That's what I used. It has lots of good information including each college's strengths and weaknesses as well as costs.
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