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Ive managed to convert many codes to pnach but this one i cant seem to figure out....

Press L1+Square For Item Box Anywhere
DB668959 B34ED512 // This is code im having trouble with i cant seem to convert it at all.... ive tried everything i can think of and seen all guides i could find like:
redlof's Guide to Convert Codetwink Cheats to PNACH Files! for newbs.

// Below is part 2 of the item box cheat which i already completed
//0A85455C 00000004 (This code is already working)

these codes come from :
CodeTwink Network - Resident Evil-Code Veronica X - Misc. Codes (PS2 Cheats)

All other cheats ive used work but anything that begins with a "DB" i cant get working... does anybody know a solution here?.

Thanks. :)
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