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CodeBreaker decryption problem

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The decryption code for CodeBreaker codes seems to be broken on the Mac side of the equation. The Mac and PC versions share the same code for this purpose, but oddly enough, code decryption works fine on the PC, but not on the Mac.

Given the seed code 96F9940E 4C3F, the code A4CE2356 C03E is decrypted properly to 32006600 0064 on the PC version fine, but returns the code 64006639 C34A on the Mac. The code for decryption has been largely unchanged since it was first on the sourceforge cvs, and so this is a problem that has appeared for a long time.

Simply put, a fix is needed. Can someone point me to a place decryption algorithm is documented so that a proper cross-platform one can be made?

I also suspect that the common GameShark decryption code is faulty, but I haven't tested it out.
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This sounds just like a little endian/big endian problem. All the decryption code is handled in Cheats.cpp.
Yup, it is. I've fixed it on my own sources. Is it fixed in CVS?

On another note, now my copy of Cheats.cpp is so hacked up from the stock CVS distro it isn't funny - lots of functors, strings, vectors, and other STL fun added...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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