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This following list is a quick test through several games, just to get a general feel for what is doing what, and to allow the devs to pick out something to focus on (eg FFX or DOA2!!!!). In depth tests to be done, though overall speed and compatibility have greatly increased! Many games that go in 3D display 'SUPER SPIKEY POLYGON BUG'. This is a reoccuring bug, so perhaps one to focus on!

PCSX2 0.8 Beta (07-01-05)
PadWinKeyB Driver 0.8
Peops DVD and CDVDbin
Peops SPU2 Dsound Driver 1.2
Dev9Null 0.2 / USBnull 0.3/ FireWireNull 0.3
Europe v01.90 [23-06-2003] Console
REC on / VUREC off / Console on

Beats of Rage v1.0028 [SLPS 66666] (PD - Senile Team)
Plays 100%, and sweet speeds of 102 - 111%

Bust A Block [SLES 51713]
Crashes PCSX2 after 'Execute BIOS'.

Capcom VS. SNK 2 [PBPX 95201]
Fully Playable.

Crazy Taxi [SLES 50215]
Hangs on IDEC error.

Dead or Alive 2 [SCES 50003]
Hangs on frame 280 (fatal hang) as it always has!

Devil May Cry [SLES 50358]
Goes into games intro (extremely high ppf (40,000+), audio loops, nothing displayed.

Everblue [SLES 50639]
Able to see MCD checks, and ARIKA logo, then goes into infinite loop.

Final Fantasy X [SCES 50490]
Goes through menus, and intro animation, and pre-game animation (note you have to see some of the intro anim for the pre-game anim to run (weird), if you exit the emu after the speech (pre-game anim) it will run on to the FFX logo that is displayed before your in the game properly.

Final Fantasy X Demo [SCED 50642]
No Longer Boots, fails to load an IRX. Ret -210.

Final Fantasy X-2 [SLES 51815]
With a SOUND INIT patch you can get through the menus, and even load up a "New Game Plus", but game stops on video, so no in-game, but sub-titles for the video can be displayed.

Fishermans Bass Club [SLUS 20428]
Goes through several logos and a video, but when you press start on the main menu game goes into a loop.

Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec [SCES 50294]
Hangs near instantly with 'cpuException: Status.EXL = 1'.

Grand Theft Auto III [SLES 50330-T]
This is not a PS2 Game! Manual ELF load results in a single title screen.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City [SLES 51061-T]
Shows initial Screens, and starts loading, but hangs during load period.

Gramd Theft Auto: San Andreas [SLES 52541]
Suffers froom a DVD9 bug with negative sector reads.

Harvest Moon [SLUS 20251]
Several CDreads, then causes fatal error in PCSX2.

Haven: Call of The King [SLES 51209]
Shows 2 Screens Under GSdx, before fataly crashings PCSX2.

IHRA Motor Sports Drag Racing 2 [SLUS 20586]
Can get into menus, but only 1/4 of the screen shows, and can't get in-game due to un-navicable menus. All menu sound effects do play, and you can see that icons etc are loading in the console.

Inspector Gadget - Mad Robots Invasion [SLES 51247]
Menus do not appear (apart from a single blue bar), sound runs, and can go ingame, but extreme polygon distortion occurs.

Keiko Yukawa Professional Billiard [SLPS 20256]
Menus working, horrific sound, can go in-game, though extremely distorted polygons (spikey syndrome again).

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness [SLES 51227]
This is not a PS2 Game!! Manual Elf load results in "MPEG decoding error: 'slice_start_code(0x000001b3) out of range'"

Marvel vs Capcom 2 [SLPM 62227]
Fully Playable, and few graphical glitches, sound in-battle is borked!

Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance [SLES 82009]
DVD9 Bug, negative sector reads, manual loading the SKATE.ELF sub game results in a near fully playable game, with major grapical glitches.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance - Document of [SLES 82010]
You can listen to sounds, view sketch work, but try any 3D part, and it crashes, astronomically!

Metal Slug 4 [SLPS 25376] [R]
Loads SNK PLAYMORE logo, and then PCSX2 crashes.

Namco Museum [SLUS 20273]
Fully Playable, able to save and load progress from MCD.

Onimusha 2 [SLES 50978]
Initially runs, but then freezes GS window, forcing you to CTRL+ALT+DEL or close the console.

Onimusha 3 [SLES 51814]
Hangs GS window, and eats system resources!

Police 24-7 [SLES 50285]
Goes completely ingame, though several in-game modes are not playable due to borked controllers, or seemingly looping game play.

Pool Master [SLES 50052]
Goes in game, but 3D graphics are stretched and distorted (random large polygons).

Project Zero [SLES 50821]
Runs through all menus fine, but stops working at video, recompiler makes option menus messy / distorted.

Project Zero II [SLES 52384]
Hangs on Memcard Check!

E:Racing [SLES 52309]
Loads up 1024 ppf (polygons per frame), but then never displays anything or continues further.

Rayman M [SLES 50457]
Doesn't run at all, initial CDreads, and then just stops.

Rez [SLUS 20344]
Shows a few partial menus (orange bars), and then displays extremely distorted polygons, haven't been able to get beyond that due to slow frame rate.

Sega Ages 2500 Volume 6 - Bonanza Bros [SLPM 62433]
Completely Playable. Good Framerate to!

Sega Ages 2500 Volume 7 - Columns [SLPM 62425]
Completely Playable.

Sega Ages 2500 Volume 8 - Virtua Racing [SLPM 62443]
Able to get into menu system, flickers with a screen showing heavly distorted polygons, and once car has been selected, crashes.

Seven Samurai [SLES 52348]
Playable, but oh soooooooo slow!

Silent Scope 2 [SLUS 20243]
Multiple CDreads. and then just stays on a black screen forever!

Soulcalibur II [SLES 51799]
Hangs on "(xxx:TimeOut) code=2" xxx being an incrementing number.

Street Fighter EX3 [SLUS 20130]
Fully Playable, completed several matches, though graphics are severly borked in places (no floors)

Super Bust a Move [PBPX 95201] [P]
Fully Playable, top speed of 23.2 FPS in a vs CPU match.

Sven Göran Eriksson's World Manager 2002 [SLES 50794]
Multiple CDreads, then hangs PCSX2.

The Catfight - Joneko Densetsu [SLPM 62494]
Sound effects and menus working, can't get into any 3D scene, game hangs.

The Simpsons Hit and Run [SLES 51897]
Fails to go beyond a few CDVD reads.

V Rally 3 [SLES 50725]
Game will not boot, crashes PCSX2.

Virtua Figher 4 [SCES 50759]
Works perfectly in menus etc, hangs on in-game.

Volleyball Xciting [SLES 51765] [P]
Crashes PCSX2 after several CDreads.

WakuWaku Volley 2 [SLPM 62285]
Crashes PCSX2 after several CDreads.

WipEout Fusion [SCES 50005]
This is not a PS2 game! If you manually load the ELF, it freezes with a CDload icon!

WTA Tennis Tour USA [SLPM 62046]
Menus are completely working, but game 'randomly' will crash during the first few seconds of match.

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finally something different than FFX
some notes from me :D

Police 24/7: emulation is perfect. Game controlling is a bit weird. Needs both 2 analog sticks to play (works fine on my dualshock ;D)

Metal Slug 4: try press some buttons and use SPU2null. I think pete's SPU2 cause the fault.

We want screenies btw :D

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bollox, I don't do 'just' FFX ;) :p Just like it ;)

Tried P-24/7 again, controls are weird as you say, bad programming imo ;) Metal Slug 4 did indeed need SPU2null.

Pfffk don't need screenies! Not until they actually show something awesome :p Now then pick out something ya wanna work on ;) (DOA2 or say the super stretched polygons?!)

Further Testing:

PlayStation 2 - Demo Disc [PBPX 95506] (Indented are the demos on the disc)
Menu loads up, but then turns to a black screen, though controller function remains!

Menus work, including mpeg backgrounds, hangs on in-game

Dark Cloud
Hangs GS window after loading 2 frames, some audio played.

Loads for ages then loops into "cpuTlbMiss 273e40, 29ab45d, status=70030c13, code=c"

World Rally Championship
After several CDreads, it freezes the GS window!

Grey Blue screen shows, and then thats it!

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PlayStation 2 Official Magazine-UK: Demo Disc 41 [SCED 51536]

Dancing Stage Fever
100% playable as far as the demo goes, though major glitches!
EDIT Using the half vres fix in GSdx, it's looking perfect :D


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CKemu said:
PlayStation 2 Official Magazine-UK: Demo Disc 41 [SCED 51536]

Dancing Stage Fever
100% playable as far as the demo goes, though major glitches!
EDIT Using the half vres fix in GSdx, it's looking perfect :D

If you use 1/2 res mode in gsdx9 that will fix the graphic errors your having with those screenies. O nm you found that out already :p

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General Notes About the BIOS:

No white cubes in BIOS intro, regardless of MC contents.

No true disc detection, eg all and any disc is a PS2 Disc, so you don't get the different ICON for a PSOne disc etc, or the text in the left hand corner does not change.

No Audio CD detection (ignoring that rather annoying CDVDbin option).

Crystals / blue orbs sometimes shoot to a different random location, as if time is sped up (dramatic random position changes).

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The RTC is read from the system clock.
The bios reads the RTC every few emulated seconds and then updates it using the frame speed, so it finds new data every time it reads the clock, and moves the scene to the new time. That's why you see a 'jump' instead of a constant movement :p
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