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Hey guys!

Wow! My last post in this forum was 10 years ago lmao!! Forgot I had an account here until some porn spambot account here sent me a rude pm lol.

Good timing though as I'm currently mucking around with a very rarely known (in the western world anyway) PlayStation 1 game called Civizard - Majutsu no Keifu which is basically an official Simtex/Micropose remake of their very well known and popular PC classic fantasy TBS game Master of Magic. Civizard has a lot of interesting differences to the original game particularly in the graphics department. I'm a pretty big MoM addict so the more I muck around with this different version the more I want to properly play it. Problem is I don't speak Japanese haha! :p

I'm pretty out of touch with the emulation and classic console game translation scene these days so I'm wondering if anyone here knows of a English translation patch/hack for this game? If not then are there some good PlayStation Japanese translation sites you know of that I could hunt for this game at?

This game is so rare it barely even gets any results on google so I'm guessing the answer is no to everything. If so I'll have to try and do my own I guess. I know nothing of patching/hacking so it would just be creating reference screenshots with English translations that I can put on a second monitor while playing the game on the main monitor.

The original English PC game makes a good reference of course plus the google translation app on my phone gives a few more hints so hopefully I can at least translate all the main buttons! Hopefully I can track down a friend of a friend that reads Japanese too which would definitely help!

More info & Screenshots of the game:,002,4237.html

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