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Chrono Cross

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What's the best video and cd-rom plugin for chrono cross?

I'm using a geforce2 max.

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best plugin for any nvidia card would be petes opengl. i dunno about cdrom driver, it would be best if you made an iso.
I've tried around with a bunch of the different plugins for Chrono, but I always seem to be going back to the CORE plugin, myself. I guess it all really depends on your complete hardware and OS setup.

Use Pete's OGL 1.49 : Fast setting, then : offscreen drawing 2-standard, r5g5b5, no filtering, limit fps: 60, no frameskipping, check alpha blending, check multipass... Try check VRAM too, but in my experienced it slowed the game very much. I prefer fast than beautiful....

Use Pete's SPU 1.7: I forgot the settings, I'll check it out when I arrives at home.

Use Pete's CDR: try to detect your CDR, then choose the recommend, check the first option (i forgot).

I'm using PII/400, Elsa Gladiac GTS 2, Creative CD Rom 48X. And Chrono Chross runs smoothly at around 50-60 fps. When enter the battle sometimes it down to around 30 fps( just like FF). I think it's because I always run from the CD, not from ISO. I rarely using ISO because it eat up my HD space. But I think it's very good (awesome in my word) for emulator to play like this.... Two thumbs up for ePSXe teams!!!! Bravo man..... Keep up a good work... Sorry, I'm over the limit

Oh sorry, I almost forget to tell you that:
REMOVE WinMe!!! It sucks, I used for a few moths... The only good from it is the: system restore. But it also the bad thing from it... it eat up your HD space (in directory: Restore)

I didn't have win98 se either, but now I install win98 fe (first edition):D . It's way better than WinMe. I always have some problem: ePSXe vs WinMe. (read my letter in this forum.... around May)

See ya....
Thanks for the info guys:)

ok,I've made an ISO but there isn't much difference.
the game still runs in the same speed as in using the cd-rom.:(
Just want to see if my graphics is the same as everyone else.
The only thing to make the game run full speed is to get a fast computer with a very good graphics card....... I have a tbird 1000 mghz and a voodoo 5 5500......Using petes or lewpy's pluggins I get 60 fps all the time..... only when loading the fight scenes does it slow a little.... once the scene is loaded, back to 60 fps..... It all depends on you computer...... Choose the settings that best match you computer specs..... There are so many different computer configurations being used to play psx games on a pc using epsxe....... To say that one configuration is better than another is rather mute because of it....... There are other things that slow down emulation other than the emulator itself..... Just mix, configure, and match...... Once you find the best settings then use it......
OK, Reinhart, here we go again....

I've check my config for SPU:
- Full Screen: 800x600 16 bit
- Texture: r5g5b5a5, no filtering
- Caching: Dynamic
- Use fps limit
- fps limit: 60 fps
- off screen drawing: 2
- f.buffer texture: gfx card
- alpha multipass
- enable mask bit detection
- advance blending
- scanlines
- color dithering

I think your graphic (from your pic above) is OK, remember this is only emulator, don't expect too much... If you want something perfect buy the real thing. To make the border not too rough, try use off screen drawing: 4 and try filtering: extended or ext. w/o sprites.

But in my exp. in my comp. (remember I only have PII/400), that option make the fps runs like a turtle. So I try to enable scanline options just to emulate my monitor to be just like TV.

OK... I have to drink some water now... (too much talking, I guess):D
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OK i know why it's slow now.It's the Caching.When i use standard it slows down but it runs smoothly once i change it to dynamic.

Thanks for the help again people.
hmmm, Actually with Chrono corss, in game I pretty much always get 60 FPS too (Celeron 500, Voodoo 5 5500 PCI) Only the effects drop it down to around 40-45 FPS
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