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GPU: Lewpy's Glide plugin
-Offscreen Drawing: Basic
-Dynamic Caching: on
-Mask bit: off
-frame rate limit: auto
-Banshee Code: ON
-frame cap method: new
-draw method: bright
-Alpha Blending Mode: Advanced
-Bilinear Filtering: Enabled w/o Sprites(enabled has some background problems, but is still playabe)
-Alpha Testing: Normal
-Frame Buffer Access: Write
-Polygon Mode: Textured
-Texture Windows: Enabled
-MDEC Format: Texture
-DMA Chain fix: Long
-FFVII Fix: Off
-Experimental Screen Sizing: Off
-Experimental Flipping: Off

SPU: Internal
-Everything Enabled

CDR: Internal(Try Pete's if anything goes wrong)
-Disable all options

When the game freeze on some scenes and the screen becomes all black, just press F7.
That should do it. Great game.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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