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Originally posted by Shodan
In battle scenes in Chrono cross, characters are shaking when fighting...
strange, huh ?
This causes battle to be very messy !!
Is it a problem of Lewpy's plugin ?
because in software mode, all is perfect (except it's slow :( )
It works fine on my system. The only setting I could find that really messed things up was FRONTBUFFER RENDERING FIX, but that should hardly ever be enabled, right boys and girls? ;)
Could you post the output of the COPY INFO button please?
My specs:
Voodoo5 1.07.01 x3dfx
I recently reverted back to the last official 3dfx release of drivers, because the x3dfx D3D driver messed up in Black and White (tiled shadows, weird coloured vortices, etc.).
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