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Hi everybody
Can anybody help ?

In battle scenes in Chrono cross, characters are shaking when fighting...
strange, huh ?
This causes battle to be very messy !!
Is it a problem of Lewpy's plugin ?
because in software mode, all is perfect (except it's slow :( )

oh, and did anybody try to play the second game of hokuto no ken (beat-them-up 3D) plays very well on VGS (but ugly :) )...and it freezes on ePSX...

Thanks in advance

My specs:
Voodoo5 1.07.01 x3dfx
P3 681 Mhz
SBLive Player
ePSX: Lewpy glide 1.32
internal spu

3 Posts
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Lewpy you're right about FRONTBUFFER RENDERING FIX :) (hey it's normal after all !!!)
Now it's off and Chrono works great
(but it seems that your plugin doesnt do motion blur like pete soft plugin ??)

thanks a lot anyway !!

PS: for x3dfx drivers they work great for me
(i never use D3D :) )

And for Hokuto no Ken 2, does anyone know ?
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