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Hi, I have a problem with the start button. If I press F4, I can skip the movie,
but when I am in the main screen, it says to press enter. I press it,
but it does nothing. I used differents plug-ins, but with no success.
Please help, it does the same thing with Parasite Eve.

I have k6 350 (I know, it's not good but I saw the demonstration after the
main screen pass by and the games is fast enough)

ATI Rage 128 32 mg
64 megs of rams (I have to close some programs, but it's ok)


Oh and Xeno is really slow, wich setting should i put to correct this?

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Well I don t see why this isn t working...
Just uninstall epsxe
reinstall it reconfigure it
it should work :)

I don t know what I can say...

I re looked at ur post..............................
have U configured the pad????????????????
:) ;)


and another question :is it the first time U use epsxe??

ok then bye!

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It can be pretty hard to configure epsxe. For me it took two days to get a game running:D

If you don't have the latest bios I would recommend you to get it.
Simply search for scph7502 on the great search engine

But maybe you have the latest bios already... Then it would be good if you posted your settitngs for all plug-ins

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Hmmm, very odd.

This might be something in the analog/digital control emulation, try hitting F5 to switch between different controller types and hitting the start button. Digital should be the most likely to work right.

You might try setting the start button to something else, like the backslash key. Though I can't think of any reason why a key mapping would give sporradic problems like that, at least that would rule it out.
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