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Chrono Cross - Video problem.... In the middle of the game...???? :(

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When playing Chrono Chross the game works perfectly until about the middle fo the first cd. You go into a room (fort dragonia 1st floor elevator room) and its a big blob looking spot in the middle so big that it makes navigation almost impossible.

It took a while but I navigated throgh the blob distortion look and got passed that part of the game. However im at another spot shortly after were a man joins my party and after I confirm his name the screen goes blacl the emulator isnt locked cause the music isnt repeating and is still responding when I hit esc key. Chrono Cross has worked beyond my expectations until now :(

I have tried all the plugins known for video to see if it changes it. It does not. I have tried numerous settings for video to no avail. I thought I might add I'im running the game off of a .iso +| The Iso file isn't corrupted causei I tried the CD and got the same results. My system Specs are as follows: Athlon T-Bird 750 mhz, 384 megs of PC1333, Diamond Viper V770 (TNT 2 chip), 30 gig ATA 100 7200 rpm IBM Desk Star.

Has anyone played through the game completely without any problems like mine? I would realllllllly like to know if it is the epsxe emulator being incompatible or my hardware/software configurations.;)

I REALLY APPRECIATE anyone who reads this!!

sorry its so long :)
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Reloading the save state dosent help =[. Whenever that guy joins (the military character) and I confirm his name the screen goes blank but the trumpet music keeps playing.
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