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so im trying to play chrono cross from the cd and it took me awhile to get all the plugins to work and such but finally i got the game to load and started a new game only to find that it runs wicked slow both video and sound. i checked the FPS and its only running at like 30-35fps and the sound plays at about half speed or less. i played off this cd on epsxe before and it ran fine but since then ive upgraded my computer and now use 1.7. these are my specs:

core 2 duo e6600
2gb ram
ati hd4850
vista professional 64bit

the plugins im using are:
pete's opengl2 2.9
eternal spu 1.41
epsxe cdr wnt/w2k core 1.7.0

thats the only cdrom plugin i could get to work i also tryed
cdr aspi core 1.7.0
mooby2 cd disk image driver 2.8
peops cdr driver 1.4

any other infro u might need? i really wanna get this game to work

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newby didn't read the faq >.<

but im feeling charitable at this time, so all you need to do is configure the video memory in the plugin. ATI doesn't support autodetection.
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