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Hi Community,
I have a little problem with Chrono Cross. The games doesn´t even start. Besides theres no difference with the ePSXe 1.52 and the 1.60 on my PC... Well PSXeven doesn´t start too... it must be something wrong with the configs well Final Fantasy 9 works fine like all games from Squaresoft Entertainment.... so here my configs:

GPU: Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.75

Resolution and Colors
Fullscreenmode 1280x1024 (same as my desktop resolution)
32 Bit
Keep PSX aspect radio on

Texture Quality: B8G8R8A8
Texture filtering: 6
Hi res Textures: 2
GFX card vram: 0auto

Use fps Limit: On
FPS limit: 60
(The other things are all off)

Off-Screen Drawing: 3
Framebuffer Textures: 2
Framebuffer access: 4
Alph multipass, Mask bit, Advanced blending: On

Scanlines: off
Line mode: off
Unfiltered frame buffer updates: on
Force 15 bit framebuffer update: on
color dithtering: off
Screen smothing on
Screen cushin: off
Disable screensaver:eek:n

Special Gamesfixes: on

Adjust framebuffer access,
Direct framebuffer updates,
Remove blue glitches,
use low res-fps timer,
mixed software FB access.

(same settings with epsxe 1.52 just special game fix odd\even is on)

SPU Plugin
ePSXe SPU core 1.5.2.

Enable Sound
Enable CDDA Sound
Enable XA Sound

P.E.Op.S. CDR Driver 1.4

Interface: W2k/XP - IOCTL raw reading
Drive: Drive K (my virtually drive)
Read mode: obviously RAW^^
Caching mode: NONE

all off^^

Error handling:
Try again on reading errors (5 retries)
Show message box on reading error: off

No PPF patches

Dont Subchannel reading

BIOS is the ammy one ;-)

So PLEASE PLEASE help me out,

greetings Yuna :rolleyes:

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you know, you can just do "copy to clipboard", that will save you the hassle of typing out every single part of your gfx config...

anyway, what are your computer's specs? are you playing off CD or ISO? I'm guessing CD since you posted your CD plugin config but you never know...if you're playing off CD i'd recommend changing to IOCTL SCSI reading.

also, use eternal 1.41 for sound.

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It could be useful to post what your log windows says, it helps troubleshooting,
ATM my guess is that your CD is damaged

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yea i am sure cd is damaged as i got chrono cross running perfectly, the game even enters battles scenes like it would on a original psx. i also run a similar configuration, the game will run on 1.6 but i highly suggest using 1.5.2 to prevent most of the common issues associated with chrono cross.

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no. noway. The iso is okay i´ve checked it with isobuster... I´ve checked it to play with the ISO and the CD. So here my PC specs

GeForce FX5400
3.2 GHz

and so on

Well the log says PLAY... But i am sure i need a patch or anything else cuz it´s alright everything is alright. I have the original CD i have an ISO but NOTHING - black screen so here detailed what my log window said^^
ah before i´ll forget it my OS is Win XP prof
my log:

running epsxe emu version 1.6.0
memory handlers unit
epsxe: PSX BIOS loadet [bios\********.bin].
Loading ISO format [BIN/IMG2352] ok
NTSC rom detected
Doing init GPU[0]...
GPU open[0]
Direct input init ok
init core SPU ... ok

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If your CD is damaged and you make an ISO with it, the ISO won't work better unless
you're lucky... when a CD is too damaged to be read, must softwares fill unreadable sectors with zeros in the ISO.

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Mount the iso with daemon tools if you haven't already and try the "Internal epsxe W2k CDR" plugin instead of Peops.

Also if you are using the ePSXeCutor interface ALWAYS make sure the right CD-Rom drive is selected in the Options-Tab of the game configuration. It's NOT enough to select the right drive in the plugin only.

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Internal CDR plugin sucks, Peops IS able to run CC without the need for specific tweaks.
If there's a problem, this plugin isn't the cause

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Mr. Killjoy said:
Internal CDR plugin sucks, ...
... and could you give a reason for that?
It doesnt bother the user with a config and it works perfect with mounted ISOs. I played and finished quite alot of games using it. Including Chrono Cross and FF9. Maybe physical drives are a diffeent story but just because Pete's stuff is good doesnt mean the rest sucks. bleh. -.-''

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I just did a little testing because i thought i remembered something about Chrono and CD trouble.

First i tried playing it from an image with both internal and peops. Both did fine.

THEN i tried it directly from the drive. Peops only gives me a black screen, exactly like the author mentiones.
The internal plugin plays the game without prob from CD too.

PS: I tried this with 2 drives. My brand new DVD burner an my pretty old CD Burner. Both to the same result.

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Da** it i will get it from a friend now... so i think so now that it is a bad image.... theres no other way is it? so i will write back if it was cuz i´ve never had problems like this NEVER

THX for help anyway

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had the same problem.

there was 2probs:

1) soundplugin was setup wrong so the bootsequence lagged alot, what took ages to display anything else than black screens. if i hadnt to go on toilett i never had saw the game was loaded after 1-2 mins. use eternal SPU with:

directsound, buffer 64, fintune 0, reverb: neills, spuasync, wait, tick first to boxes under fix menu

could be that opengl thing too, if you use a nvidia or any other new card, use direct3D plugin! all the new cards are optimized for d3d, opengl is some renderer/old gfx stuff and not optimized for windows

2) you have to start epsxe with a shortcut and a -noauto, like here: E:\_EMU\epsxe160\ePSXe.exe -noauto

runs really good, up to 250 fps if i want :p

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Using Eternal,
Set to SPUasync, Smooth with a bufer of 32.

could be that opengl thing too, if you use a nvidia or any other new card, use direct3D plugin! all the new cards are optimized for d3d, opengl is some renderer/old gfx stuff and not optimized for windows
Really? You come from some old school...I guess :p
There's a OGL2 2.7 Plugin for your usage. Search through the forums and see the difference between this plugin and the D3D one.

Be sure to "Use FPS Limit" set it to Auto.
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