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Chrono Cross problem (not video...)

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Hi all, i'm new to forum cause i was searching for a way to fix my problem with cc but im not new to epsxe.

N e ways i enter chrono cross and all is well but i cannot do anything cause the controls dont work. And yes i configured them and they work for ff9.

Anyone got any ideas besides f4 or f5?

ps. i'm sorry for another cc thread and i read to 10 in archives and did not find anything about control problems.

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has to be f4.....

make sure it's's been known to disable all controls or some controls when enabled.....
Well, im not sure if i pressed it or not , dont remember....

But once i get home from work ill try it and post my results. If it doesnt work then i got a weird problem on my hands.

Thanks for help
Well, i feel like the biggest newb. F4 did the trick

Thanks alot for your help!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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