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Greetings...i've already read the other posts on Chrono Cross and thx to those i've solved a lot of problems...however, i'm stuck at the part of the game when i have juz defeated Fargo and he knocked out my party with some jellyfish tranquillizer or something...dan this...opcode 2f UNK <PC 000005e0> <2072640,10> ... comes up and epsxe closes...from wad i've seems dere's a prob with my iso image...unfortunately...some ingrate whom i lent the Chrono Cross discs to claimed he had lost my discs so dere is no way i can create another image...i read from one message dat dere was a person who had the same prob as me and it turned out he managed to solve his prob with the help of another helpful member of diz forum who helped him to get past dat point in the game...would appreciate if someone can help me oso...but if possible...i would oso like to noe if dere are other ways to solve the prob, if it's too much of a hassle though dan juz ignore the "other solution" portion of diz message...hav tried both epsxe 160 and 152...

and if dere's anything wrong with wad i've done like posting in wrong cat or sth else feel free to correct me coz diz is my first post after all....

help would be very much appreciated.

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ok first of all, if english is not your first language, then keep working on it. if english is your first language, than you need to stop trying to bee [email protected] teh c00l y0 and start typing in proper english that the rest of us can understand. dat wud m3ek it ez-r 4 uz too undastand whut u R teh seyingz. plz.

secondly, wait, there is no secondly. rewrite your post so it's actually readable.
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