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Problems I've seen that this config resolves, and how it resolves them:

- Music hesitations while CDROM drive spins up (Mooby2)
- Black screen hang on starting new game (-noauto)
- Crash on accessing character status (odd/even bit hack)
- Various graphics glitches (framebuffer settings)
- Battle swirl slowdowns (framebuffer settings)
- Sound glitches ("Update before accessing register" in Eternal)

I've played through:

- FMVs
- Scripted 3D engine cutscenes
- Field map
- World map
- Battles
- Menus

which should cover most of the problems people have had. I haven't gotten far enough in the game to switch disks, so that's an issue that's yet to be resolved; I know some games have problems when switching.

Since this is an OGL2 config, prerequisites are a card and driver that supports OpenGL 2.0 (DirectX 9 in DirectX terms). If you have a barely-DX9 card (like an NVidia 5200FX), turn the shader stuff off as that impacts performance. You may also want to do things like reducing resolution, turning off full-screen filters, etc.

As always, your mileage may vary.

Gfx: ATI X850XT PCI-Ex
Snd: C-Media Rear Panel Audio
CPU: Intel P4 HT 3GHz 800Mhz FSB
PAD: DualShock2 on RadioShack USB adapter

Emulator: ePSXe 1.60
GPU: Pete's OpenGL2 2.7
SPU: Eternal 1.41
CDR: Mooby2 (image made with Alcohol 120%)

GPU settings:

SPU settings:

CDR settings:



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That's a page from ePSXeCutor (a front-end for managing ePSXe configurations). I highly recommend using it.

Otherwise, you'll find those options scattered around various menu items in ePSXe, and the for the command line stuff you'll have to run ePSXe from a command window or a BAT file or modify the shortcut you use to launch it.

Just use ePSXeCutor, it's way easier.


P.S. As for the battle blur slowdowns, I've now run the game in both Playstation and PC and I'm not seeing any. I tested this by starting a new game, battling the first robots, and repeatedly running away from battle.

I started the battle more than half a dozen times on each platform.

The blur is exactly the same. The transition from blur to battle intro camera truck has a slight hitch in it sometimes, but it does this on both platforms. I sometimes get a slightly longer hitch on the PC that also hitches the music, but it's less than a 1/4 second.

The only reason I can think of why you might still be seeing a slowdown is that either your CPU or your graphics card isn't quite up to rendering that effect at full speed. In which case you should play with the settings I mentioned in my post - reducing resolution, turning off shaders, turning off full-screen smoothing, etc.

Have you tried starting from the "Fast" setting and then turning on just those items needed to make it run without glitches (-noauto, odd/even bit hack and the framebuffer settings)?

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hey I was trying to get chrono cross to work and i entered all of the same things right down to the letter and i still can't play. Every time i boot CC from ePSXe my screen goes black and an error message pops up saying "No buffer available!" I thank you for posting this and i was hoping that you might be able to tell me what i'm doing wrong. Well thanks for your time.

Edit: Thougt i would post my specs just in case.

Intel Celeron D 356
ATI Radeon Xpress 200
512 MB RAM
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