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In the Chrono Cross opening game demo (and in the game too) there is a scene that takes place outside a mansion at night. Using pete's soft plugin the scene looks dark as I think it should. Using pete's ogl or d3d plugins the scene is bright. No I don't think it's my brightness or gamma settings. The coloring is different, it's not just the brightness. I've tried it on a voodoo banshee and geforce 2 mx and got the same results (32 bit color doesn't fix this, heh).

Here it is on pete's 1.50 software driver:

Here is is on pete's 1.50 ogl driver:

Here are my ogl settings:

I've messed around for hours with every setting and I can only get the night time coloring in software mode. If anyone has a solution I'd like to hear it, even if it gives me a stroke because I couldn't figure it out myself.
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